We left the light on

diwali festival of lights india satellite imagery night sky India at night, satellite view. This image is a composite showing the change in illumination over India from 1992-2003. Nighttime lights on the map that are white are lights that were present throughout the entire period. Areas that are marked by red have only appeared in 2003. Areas coloured green and blue were only present in 1998 and 1992 respectively but are no longer visible. This image was created by the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration,

India at night, composite image showing changes in illumination from 1992-2003 / by NOAA/Science Photo Library

15 thoughts on “We left the light on

  1. Simply fantastic filigree of exquisite waste! Just the sort of image I need for a piece I want to write about ‘leaving the lights on’ here in Sri Lanka. I wouldn’t use this shot, and I’m not about to write it today, but if you could steer me to the site you found this I’d be eternally grateful :)

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